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midnightreverie in denno_coil

Are you saving up bandwidth too today?

I am not, so lets have a look at an awesome Coil AMV/MAD.

There are also two "rise" parodies.

Original is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXgJb5IdEcY



I've already seen it but I just wanted to say I love that MAD. :)

Sorry to be ignorant to the term, but what's a "MAD"? ^^;
There is an explanation on wikipedia. :P
Thanks! =D

... Wow, that's intense. o_o;


If you'll excuse my bad Japanese, thanks to midnightreverie for sharing this awesome MAD/(I still think of it as an AMV:D) with us! :) It's been a while since I've been blown away by an AMV, and actually had never thought of looking up Denno Coil ones (for some strange reason that I can't explain???) But yes, this works really well! Makes me want to watch the series all over again :)

Re: Honto AWESOME!

Just had a thought: was re-watching the first(?) Bleach opening the other day (and several parodies of it) and it would be really fun if someone could do that for Denno Coil! (it's the one where the viewpoint of characters rotate around)