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sammywhatammy in denno_coil

Well, I'm doing my own prompt table (courtesy of fanart100) despite the comm not taking more claims, because DC really needs more love. I've only just started, and most of what I have are just sketches to serve as placeholders. I only have two legitimate "finished" pieces - and one's completely out of season, but I had to draw it because Oyaji is love. And who can deny the Mojos! So, I hope you enjoy these. I'll post the rest as they're completed :)

fanart100 - Christmas
by *sammywhatammy on deviantART

fanart100 - Circle
by *sammywhatammy on deviantART


MY god those are adorable ;~; this post made my day.
Eeee, so cute ♥. Moar soon, plz :D.
Gleeeeeeeeeeee! <3
Soooo adorable! ♥ That Oyaji picture is the cutest Oyaji ever. I'm looking forward to seeing more!