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pacificpikachu in denno_coil

Densuke cosplay!

I finished this quite a while back, but I figured I'd post it now simply because the community has been quite quiet lately. This is my mascot-style Densuke cosplay. I made it from scratch out of Wonderflex, clay, and faux fur, and it took quite a lot of work. Big, strange-shaped heads like that are hard to make! I mostly like how it came out, though the head still needs some work to make the seams between fur pieces less obvious. I hope you guys at least, the few of you who aren't on my friends-list already enjoy it too!


I also have a commission in for a Haraken plush. I'll be sure to post it when the artist finishes it! (Of course, by then I'm hoping she'll have seen the series and be part of this community so she can post it herself!)


I still think it is so awesome that you did this XD
Awww, thanks! It was fun. XD And hard work, but fun!
that's awesome! and adorable~ I'm always impressed with people who sew fur, not to mention walking around in it.
Thanks so much! I appreciate your comment a lot. Sewing fur is crazy. @__@ Now only is it hard to sew, it also gets everywhere--including your eyes, nose, mouth, and so on. And the costume itself is quite hot with a huge head that's hard to walk in and see out of. But it's all worth it in the end! ♥
:O Holy shiiiiiiiieeeet. THAT IS AWESOME.
Awww, thanks! I worked really hard on it, so I'm so glad to hear you think so. 8D
Thank you! The fur is quite soft, hee, so it feels really nice to hug. ♥
oooooooh it's awesome!!!!!!
Thank you! I appreciate the comment! :D
This is so incredibly awesome. Clearly, you are a genius.
Thanks so much! And haha, more like insane, but like they say there's a fine line there anyway. 8D
Densuke cosplay = best kind of insanity ;)