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Amasawa 2

angelosingsleep in denno_coil

Denno Coil finale

Just watched the last three episodes at Anime Soc. on Thursday.  Was it just me, or did anyone else think the last few episodes were really sad?


How so?
Sad as in "this is emotionally sad" sad or, "*facepalm* this is just sad" sad?
As in being sad as in the emotion. The last few episodes, especially the ones focused on Amasawa-san were particularly heart wrenching. It just seemed to end with a weird melancholy, even though as tomoyoichijouji suggested it was 'bittersweet.'
Yeah, I think so too -- even though it wasn't a sad ending, it dealt with some really, really sad things, and even the happy ending was sad, in a way...bittersweet, I suppose, even though there's great hope in it.