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yukimayari in denno_coil

Magazines with Dennou Coil features in them?

 Oh dear.... It's rather dead in here, isn't it?  O.O;;

Well... here goes:

I've been finding a lot of old back issues of Japanese mags (NewType, Animage, Animedia, etc.) at my local comic shop lately, and I think they're pretty cool, with lots of nice art and stuff in them.  But then it occurred to me that if I try looking through all of them (the store has quite a lot) I might find some magazines that have Dennou Coil stuff featured in them.  That would be nice, since I don't have anything from the show yet (nothing tangible, anyway... *ahem*)

So... anyone know of specific Japanese magazines with Dennou Coil information in them?  I remember seeing some scans a while ago, but I'm not sure where.  I'm thinking stuff like that would most likely be in Animage (since Tokuma Shoten publishes it) sometime between 2007 and 2008.  Is there any art or other info in these magazines that never got published in the artbooks and roman albums?  I'd like to track it all down!