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yukimayari in denno_coil

Dennou Coil Blu-ray Box Set!

I just happened to find out about this today:


It includes all 26 episodes, interviews, audio commentaries and textless OP and ED.  (Maybe all the extras from the LE DVDs?)  It will be released on 11/25/2011... in Japan, of course, but it'll be region-free!

The cost, however...

37,000 yen = $475.21 USD at the current (terrible) exchange rate.

*cry* I just about paid that much for the whole set of LE DVDs 4 months ago... wahhhh... should have waited... ;_;

Well, anyway... still good news, both for those of us who can afford this and those who can't!

Edit: Amazon Japan has it on pre-order for 27% off retail price (28,488 yen = about $370.47 USD) not including shipping and import tax.


$475.21 USD!!! O_O omg. I would love to have it but DAMN. So not happening on my current paycheck.
Yeah... I stumbled across the item page on CD Japan while looking at Ghibli BDs... and just about died when I realized it was DENNOU COIL on BLU-RAY... and then died again when I saw the price... not including shipping and customs fees!