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電脳コイル // Denno Coil

Coil - A Circle of Children

電脳コイル // Coil - A Circle of Children //
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w e l c o m e to the DENNO COIL community
w h a t is Denno Coil?
Dennou Coil is an anime directed by Mitsuo Iso. It premiered on May 12, 2007 and is broadcasted on NHK Educational. The series is highly anticipated by fans of animation production quality due to the animators involved.
◎The story takes place in the fictional Daikoku City. It follows a group of children as they use illegal AR visors called Dennou Mégané "computer spectacles" to unravel the mysteries of their half real, half Internet environment. The world displayed in the internet-connected visors contains games, virtual pets, and also internet viruses. The children interact with and reshape the digital landscape with the help of software tools. ◎
r u l e s and g u i d e lines
◎ Major spoilers or long posts, posts with big images are to be put under a LJ-cut! (Learn here how to)
◎ Do NOT flame/bash any character, pairing, fan, etc.
◎ Downloads related to the series (episodes, music, etc) should be friends-locked.
◎ Keep everything Denno Coil related. Thank you!

To a lesser extent, give your posts the appropriate tags. =)

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official websites: tokumaNHK
informative: ANNWikipedia Articlecoil@wiki